KINS' GREEN Stabilizer

Experience the combination of rigidity and vibration reduction 

Perfect for cutting thin-walled tubes and profiles in demanding applications, the KINS' GREEN Stabilizer saw blade offers an optimal solution. Achieve a superior surface finish and minimize vibration, burrs, and the risk of tube-end deformation, due to the dedicated low-friction multilayer PVD coating and the unique design of the blade. The solution for challenging cutting conditions.

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  • Low Tensile

  • Medium Tensile

  • Cutting Speed

  • Blade Life

  • Tube

  • Thin Tube

Ideally suited for very thin-walled tubes and profiles

Discover the ultimate solution for cutting very thin-walled steel tubes and profiles with the KINS' GREEN Stabilizer saw blade. Featuring a low-friction, high-hardness, and high-temperature-resistant multilayer PVD coating, this blade excels in extremely demanding applications.​

Witness an unparalleled performance with the KINS' GREEN Stabilizer saw blade, crafted for cutting thin-walled steel tubes and profiles. Optimal results will be achieved at suggested cutting speeds of 120-200 m/min with a tooth load ranging from 0.04 to 0.18 mm/tooth, while applying spray mist or emulsion coolant. For relevant applications, a recoating program is available.​

Whether on automatic, semi-automatic, or flying cut-off applications, this saw blade ensures the best solution for your thin wall tube cutting needs. Its unique design stabilizes the cutting process by reducing cutting force, lowering torque and avoiding vibrations.​

Advantages of KINS' GREEN Stabilizer

  • Ideal for very thin-walled tubes and profiles
  • Low friction, high hardness and high temperature resistant multilayer PVD coating
  • Very suitable for extremely demanding applications
  • Reduced cutting resistance
  • Low vibration
  • Less burr
  • Reduced risk of tube-end deformation
  • Wear resistant

Applications for KINS' GREEN Stabilizer

  • Cutting thin-walled steel tubes and profiles
  • Suggested cutting speed: 120 – 200 m/min.
  • Tooth load: 0.04 – 0.18 mm/tooth.
  • Machines: Automatic, semi-automatic and flying cut off applications

KINS’ GREEN Stabilizer is ideally suited for very thin-walled tubes and profiles on (semi) automatic sawing machines and flying cut-off applications

What kind of applications are included?

  • Furniture
  • Automotive tubes
  • Freeform profiles
  • Food sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Exhaust system

Typical steel grades

  • Low carbon steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • High carbon steel


Manufacturer Machine type


TS series, CM series


TSR34, TSR64, TSR95, TSR114


DCH series, SCF series


ELBM series


A100, A171, A206, A208


RCF series

Fives OTO Mills

TGB161, TAC80 (twin), TAC90 (twin),


ACS series


Rasacut series


TOP series


Diameter (mm) Kerf (mm) Bore hole (mm) Pinholes
275 1,8 32 | 40 2/9/45 2/12/64 4/10/50 | 2/9/55 4/12/64
315 1,8 32 | 40 2/9/45 2/12/64 4/10/50 | 2/9/55 4/12/64
350 1,8 32 | 40 | 50 2/9/45 2/12/64 4/10/50 | 2/9/55 4/12/64 | 4/15/80 4/15/85
370 2,5 50 4/15/80 4/15/85
400 2,2 40 | 50 2/9/55 4/12/64 | 4/15/80 4/15/85
400 2,5 40 | 50 2/9/55 4/12/64 | 4/15/80 4/15/85
450 2,5 50 4/15/80 4/15/85

KINS' GREEN Stabilizer is formerly known as: Power 2.0

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