TCT Solid Stationary

KINS' Red TCT Saw Blades

KINS’ RED are our powerful saw blades for steel bars. Before using a circular saw blade to cut solid steel bars, it's essential to understand the specific requirements of the application and choose a blade that meets those requirements. KINS’ RED circular saw blades have been developed for cutting solid steel bars or other dense metal materials which need to be robust and have specific features to handle the challenging nature of such applications.

Choosing the right circular saw blade for a specific application involves considering factors such as the requirements on the quality of the saw cut, productivity, steel grade and blade life. These requirements determine the optimal combination of saw blade body design, tooth design, tooth material and coating.

Through many years of experience, KINKELDER offers a broad range of saw blades which enables the right product for each application. Our application engineers can support you on choosing the right saw blade for your machine to cut solid materials. KINS’ RED product ranges can be distinguished between cutting various tensile strength, different steel types, performance needs, production, and machine related variables.

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The Advantages of KINS' RED TCT SOLID stationary saw blades

Circular saw blades designed for cutting solids, particularly those suitable for cutting metal bars, are commonly used in various industries where precision cutting of solid materials is essential. Some industries where solids saw blades find applications are: metal fabrication, construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, oil & gas, metalworking, automotive, utilities and infrastructure.

  • Efficient Material Removal

    With the right tooth design and geometry these circular saw blades can efficiently remove material from solid steel bars. This helps in achieving faster cutting speeds and improved productivity. 

  • High Cutting Speeds

    These specialized circular saw blades are engineered for high-speed cutting, allowing for faster processing of solid materials. This is crucial in industrial applications where time efficiency is a priority. 

  • Heat Resistance

    Solid stationary circular saw blades incorporate features such as special coatings or heat-resistant materials to manage the heat generated during cutting. 

  • Precision Cutting

    Well-designed circular saw blades provide precise cuts, which is crucial for applications where accuracy is essential, such as in metal fabrication or construction projects. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Considering the durability and efficiency of circular saw blades to cut solids and bars, they can be cost-effective in the long run by reducing the frequency of blade replacements and maintenance costs. 

Overview of KINS' RED TCT Saw blades

KINS' RED LT  formerly known as: CX7

KINS' RED LT Performance formerly known as: Solid LT Performance

KINS' RED MT formerly known as: CX1M

KINS' RED MT Performance formerly known as: Solid MT Performance

KINS' RED HT formerly known as: CX1H

KINS' RED Stainless Small formerly known as: CX6S

KINS' RED Stainless Large formerly known as: CX6L