From agricultural machinery to saw blade manufacturer

Established in 1945 in Zevenaar, the Netherlands, KINKELDER began its journey focusing on the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery. However, as industrialization surged and markets evolved, the company pivoted its attention to the development and production of HSS saw blades for cutting steel by the mid-1960s.


Mastering the intricacies of circular saw blades

Throughout the ensuing decades, KINKELDER has dedicated significant resources to mastering the intricacies of circular saw blades, both in their production, research and application. This commitment to knowledge and experience has been instrumental in driving innovation, propelling KINKELDER to a prominent position in the market. As a leading supplier in the realm of circular saw blades for the steel industry, KINKELDER is renowned for delivering added value to its customers.


Optimal solutions for a diverse array of applications

With a comprehensive range of offerings including TCT, HSS, and segmental saw blades, KINKELDER ensures that optimal solutions are readily available for a diverse array of applications. The company's global presence is fortified by its 9 acquisitions and two production facilities in both Europe and North America, supported by an extensive international network encompassing sales and service offices including distributors worldwide.


Worldwide network

With a global network, production locations spanning two continents, and subsidiaries in the EU, UK, USA, and Asia, we deliver cutting-edge, technology-based solutions for precision steel sawing.