Today, KINKELDER is an international company in manufacturing circular saw blades to cut steel tubes, solids or bars. From a modest family business with its base in the Netherlands, KINKELDER has evolved into a globally brand for steel cutting with production facilities in Europe and United States of America.



With 5 facilities in Europe, 5 in the United States, and 1 in China, alongside our network of distributors, KINKELDER currently serves more than 60 countries worldwide. This highlights our commitment to providing high-quality sawing solutions and excellent service to our customers globally.



Besides saw blades for the steel industry, International Knife and Saw Inc., is also part of the KINKELDER Group. International Knife and Saw Inc. has a production facility in Florence, South Carolina (USA) and specializes in slitting knives for metal cutting. International Knife and Saw Inc. is also leading in log saws for the tissue market.  

Worldwide network

With a global network, production locations spanning two continents, and subsidiaries in the EU, UK, USA, and Asia, we deliver cutting-edge, technology-based solutions for precision steel sawing.

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