Sharpening Shops

Distribution and sharpening of cutting tools

Sharpening shops offer services to ensure that cutting tools remain in optimal condition, thereby prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their cutting performance. These shops are specialized in the distribution, sharpening and repair of cutting tools, including circular saw blades. When it comes to circular saw blades used for cutting steel, sharpening shops play a vital role in ensuring that these blades are properly maintained and sharpened for efficient and effective cutting operations, especially with regards to resharpenable High Speed Steel (HSS) circular saw blades.

Restoring the cutting edges of circular saw blades

The sharpening process involves restoring the cutting edges of circular saw blades to their original sharpness. For steel-cutting blades, this may involve reshaping or regrinding the teeth to ensure optimal cutting geometry. Depending on the condition of the blade, sharpening shops may use different techniques and equipment, including grinding wheels, or computer-controlled sharpening machines.

Extended blade life

By offering specialized sharpening services and expertise, these shops help ensure that steel-cutting blades remain sharp, reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality cuts in various steel materials and applications. Sharpening shops are usually located relatively close to the circular saw end-user in order to react quickly to the end-users needs. KINKELDER delivers a wide range of high quality saw blades for sharpening shops.

The right blade for Sharpening shops

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Tube stationary

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