Steel Service Centers

Distribution and cut-to-length services for steel

Steel service centers are specialized in processing and distributing steel products to various industries. They act as intermediaries between steel mills and end-users, providing services such as cutting, shearing, slitting, leveling, and forming steel to meet customers' specific requirements. When it comes to steel service centers, circular saw blades are commonly used for cutting steel bars, tubes, and other structural components into desired lengths.

Thicknesses of steel, different cutting speeds and precision requirements

Steel service centers typically stock a wide range of steel products in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and grades, including sheets, plates, bars, tubes, and structural shapes. To cut this wide range of steel products to the desired lengths, circular saw blades with toothed edges are used. These saw blades come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types and thicknesses of steel, as well as different cutting speeds and precision requirements. KINKELDER has developed designated circular saw blades to support steel service centers with their business. Typically, they cut relatively small orders, but many different orders. KINKELDER assists in selecting a limited number of saw blades which can cut all jobs, but without changing the saw blade for every cutting job.

The right blade for Steel Service Center

Tube stationary

Solid Stationary