Tube & Pipe Mills

Cutting, forming, welding, and sizing

Tube mills are industrial machines used for the production of steel tubes, pipes or profiles through a series of processes that involve uncoiling, forming, welding, and cutting. These tube mills are essential components in the production of various types of tubes used in construction, infrastructure, automotive, and other industries.

Efficient production

Saw blades play a crucial role in the steel tube and pipe manufacturing process. Integration of cold saw blades into tube mills is common for efficient production against high line speeds. As the manufacturing process of welded tubes is ongoing, a flying cut-off unit is used to ensure uninterrupted tube production.

Choice of TCT saw blades

KINKELDER developed a wide range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) and High Speed Steel (HSS) saw blades to be integrated into tube mills for specific cutting applications. For example, for single, twin or orbital flying cut-off systems as well as for tubes with removed inside scarf or different steel grades.  

The right blades for tube mills

KINKELDER offers a product range of reliable and high quality TCT saw blades for flying cut-off applications.

Tube flying cut-off