Research & Development


KINKELDER has a dedicated expert team of material specialists, application engineers, process engineers, tool design engineers and quality engineers. This team assists KINKELDER customers in achieving the productivity goals, by offering the best suited saw blade as well as giving advice on its optimal use under the users' conditions. In some specific user cases an optimized saw blade is developed to meet productivity goals. 


KINKELDER invests strongly in specialized tools for saw blade development. The expert team has its dedicated laboratory for analyzing the composition, structure and geometry of components and complete saw blades, both new and used. Kinkelder has cutting machines for testing and designing circular saw blades, designed for high productivity tube cutting, and designed specifically for solid cutting applications. KINKELDER develops proprietary PVD recipes enhancing saw blade performance.  


KINKELDER cooperates with universities and research centers. In these cooperations, the fundamental expertise of universities and research topics is translated into the application-oriented solutions for KINKELDER's new generations of saw blades. Therefore, KINKELDER also works together with customers and steel manufacturers on new saw blade developments. With customers these cooperations vary from multi-year partnerships to short periods for the performance evaluation of specific prototypes in specific product market applications. With steel manufacturers KINKELDER cooperates on new and specialized steels. The applicability of specialized steels is greatly dependent on cost of processing and circular saws are most efficient for high productivity cutting technology. Enabling cost effective cutting enables users to economically use these new and specialized steels and thereby opening new markets.  


KINKELDER invests in continuous improvement of quality. Every production step is thoroughly monitored with advanced quality control equipment. Quality engineers and controllers are involved in checks, process improvement and analysis of underperformance. The quality team ensures consistently performing products to our customers. 

Continuous flow of new products 

All Research and Development activities lead to a continuous flow of new and improved sawblades and services in existing and new applications. For example, several of these developments led to new applications for circular saw blades which previously could only be cut by band saws increasing productivity 5 to 10 times decreasing both operational and investment costs for our customers.  

Your cooperation with KINKELDER

If you would like to work with KINKELDER specialists yourself, you are invited to contact our development team.

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