KINS' ORANGE Scarfmaster HT

Single and Twin cut-off with weld bead

KINS’ ORANGE ScarfMaster HT saw blade has been engineered for flying cut-off applications dealing with heavy inside scarf (non-orbital cut-off), offering precision and durability. With its unique tooth geometry, highly shock-resistant carbide tips and special PVD coating, this saw blade is designed for excellence. Where standard blades fail, KINS’ ORANGE ScarfMaster HT is the best fitting blade.

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  • Low/Med. Tensile

  • High Tensile

  • Scarf

  • Blade Life

TCT saw blade to cut high tensile tubes with Scarf

Due to its robust saw body the teeth are provided with maximum support. The combination of tooth and body secure stability and fracture resistance. This extends the blade life significantly even at an extraordinary line speed and increased uptime.

The KIN'S' ORANGE ScarfMaster HT is your best choice for cutting high tensile API pipes and tubes with tensile strength higher than to 900 N/mm² and heavy cutting ID-scarf. For low- to medium-tensile precision tubes with a tensile strength up to 1,000 N/mm² and heavy ID scarf, the KIN'S ORANGE ScarfMaster LMT is recommended.


  • Up to 100% or even more blade life compared to KINS’ ORANGE ScarfMaster LMT saw blade
  • Reduction of scrap rate
  • Ideal for high alloy
  • Broad availability of diameter and tooth counts
  • Increased resistance to abrasive wear
  • High line speed
  • Increased uptime
  • Cuts high tensile API pipes (up to 1,800 N/mm2)


This TCT saw blade excels as the top pick for cutting high-tensile API tubes with heavy ID scarf, handling tensile strengths from 900 N/mm² on both single and twin flying cut-off applications. With a capacity for cutting speeds ranging from 330 - 420 m/min, it's the perfect choice for a wide array of applications, including driveshafts (automotive), telescoping systems (cranes) and mother tubes for the production of drawn tubes.

  • Flying cut-off applications dealing with heavy weld bead
  • Tubes with tensile strength from 900 N/mm2
  • Cutting speed: 240 - 450 m/min (choose max available)
  • Tooth load ranging from: 0.03 – 0.05 mm/tooth

Typical steel grades

  • S355/1020 
  • MnB-alloyed steel 
  • High carbon steel 


Manufacturer Machine type
Fives OTO Mills TGB161, TGB161, TAC80 (twin), TAC90 (twin)
MTM A100, A171
Asmag / Seuthe TSR34, TSR64, TSR95, TSR114
Olimpia80 RCF series
Elmasksan ELBM series


Diameter (mm) Kerf (mm) No. of teeth (Z)
285 3,6 / 3,2 70 / 90
315 3,6 / 3,2 80 / 100
350 3,6 / 3,2 90 / 110
400 3,6 / 3,2 100 / 130
450 3,6 / 3,2 110 / 140
500 3,6 / 3,2 120 / 160
560 3,6 / 3,2 130 / 170
600 3,6 / 3,2 140 / 190
630 3,6 / 3,2 150 / 200
650 3,6 / 3,2 160 / 200

KINS' ORANGE ScarfMaster HT is formerly known as: ScarfMaster NG

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